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The brief

Sky Store is a premium service selling films and box sets outside of the regular Sky package, with more than 1,200 titles available to purchase or rent and instantly stream. The OTT side consists of a responsive website and apps for desktop, mobile, tablet and Smart TV.
Over 3 years our team was tasked with refining the digital brand and adding various features across all platforms. At this time, market research proved that many customers were collecting and gifting physical discs (DVD and Blu-ray). Customers could already buy & keep a digital copy, but the brief was to now offer DVD or Blu-ray discs on top of their purchase. This required our team to design for these multiple purchase formats. The KPI’s we assigned at the beginning of this project were for the sales of DVD & Blu-ray discs to meet projection set by our Marketing team, as well as to avoid any drop in movie rentals after launch of the new layout.
Parallel to this project, a secondary brief stated we should make it easier for users to find content by purchase type, certification or category. We could measure the success of our filter options against an increased average of purchases or rentals per every programme page visited.

Sky Store Buy & Keep


Sky Store Player on Desktop

As we were dealing with a high number of transactions, the key goal was to create a seamless shopping experience. Any hiccups in the purchase journey could results in a loss of revenue.
Alongside existing legal copy, I had to ensure legal copy around physical disc postage and ownership were readily available.
Any piece of content could have up to 7 formats available, so I had to allow the visual real-estate on our programme detail pages to accommodate them all, and all filter options to be available from the browse pages.

My role and process

As Senior Designer I managed the workload and personal development of 3 Designers over all Sky Store projects as well as working hands on UX and UI. Day to day responsibilities included liaising with our off-shore development team, supplying my team with guidelines and templates and conducting stakeholder presentations.
More individually, I explored adding purchase formats to our homepage hero area in a web restyle concept shown below, however this solution wouldn’t fit all formats comfortably. Also to add all legal copy on a homepage hero area would quickly look cluttered. Another alternative I explored is combining all purchase options into a dropdown, however this added an unnecessary click to the user journey. I decided that the best location for all purchase options would be to simply add it onto the programme details page using radio buttons.

Sky Store Multi-Format on Desktop


Sky Store Multi-Format on Mobile

Buy & Keep Multi-format functionality was successfully implemented on all platforms and its behaviour is seamlessly consistent with Sky’s set-top boxes.
After various features were added, my team future-proofed and maximised the potential of the Sky Store platform. It is currently running as a low-maintenance site on which no further UX/UI has been needed after my team’s efforts.
Buy & Keep sales met Marketing’s projection and has driven significant revenue to the business from 2015 to 2019, at a digital ownership market share of 30%. After the DVD and Blu-Ray market has seen a slump in recent years, no discs are currently offered on Sky Store. Technical support for this offering is however still active.
The introduced filter options increased both findability and click-throughs to content, as well as the average of purchases or rentals per every programme page visited.
The Sky Store Player app on iOS is currently rated 4.5 stars of over 16k ratings.

Redesign Concept

I delivered Sky Store with my UI Design Team as a self-sustaining product that didn’t require further development.
However, before doing so I conceptualised a redesign for Web that is shown here.